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Name Covers

Name Covers

World’s very first and only website to offer beautiful personalized Facebook Covers with user’s Name.

Generated over 10 million covers till date and more
than 1 million covers uploaded to facebook.

Hosted on Linux Cloud with 30+ servers.

Name Covers Name Covers

Nothing is better than our own name, doesn't it? With the Name Covers, you choose an illustration based on a theme of your choice and create beautiful facebook covers with your name.

www.baixaki.com.br | Brazil

FB Report Card

FB Report Card

Generate your Report Card based on your FaceBook statistics and compare it with your friends.. have fun.

Featured on The Next Web

FB Report Card FB Report Card

We’ve spent our entire academic lives trying to earn good grades to please parents, please universities and hopefully please ourselves.Now, you can bring that nostalgia back with the Report Card app.

TheNextWeb.com | United States

My FB Cover

My FB Cover

Facebook is most popular social media network on planet. If you are reading this, I am damn sure that you also have your own facebook profile.
When facebook introduced its Timeline feature, they provided users to set a cover pic for their timeline. This cover pic functionality provided better visualization and more personalization to timeline. So, we decided to make a stand alone website for beautiful facebook covers. myfbcover.com was one of the first websites to provide best facebook covers on internet.

My FB Cover My FB Cover

Outside there are many websites that provide a unique image for the cover made in facebook. One of them, you can try through myFBcover.com If you are open, there is available a unique cover image and cool. You just choose the cover which is your favorite. Relax, everything is free!



Who doesn’t like to laugh? Answer is ‘nobody’. After a tired some day or to get a good kick in the morning, laugh is essential.
We wanted to make people laugh. We enjoy doing it. Thus we created BadAssLol.com – a site for your non stop laughing 🙂

BadAssLol BadAssLol